Commercializing Your Technology

There are many paths to commercial success. All eventually must engage with “the market.” We are experts at finding the best path to the market for you and your UM Technology.

The typical options are:

  • License – The fastest path to the market, a license to an existing company will generate revenue the fastest. You and your department will benefit in the royalties received from these agreements.

  • Consulting – UM encourages faculty to engage “the market” through consulting, up to 20% of your time. It’s a great means to get a deeper understanding of market needs and potential applications for your UM Technology.

  • Sponsored Research Agreements – SRAs are managed exclusively by the Office of Research Administration link here. We believe this interface is another great avenue for engaging the market in your UM Technology. Licenses are often accompanied by these agreements as an added value to the companies licensing your technology.

  • Start a Company – Creating a startup can be a rewarding endeavor in many ways, but does bring a large time commitment and is the longest path to commercial success. Be sure to read this page for additional information.