The Office of Technology Transfer (OTT)

The Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) is dedicated to assessing, protecting and commercializing UM owned Innovations through licensing to startups and established companies. Together with the rest of the U Innovation team, the OTT supports knowledge translation and commercialization of novel ideas, research discoveries, and innovations that improve the lives of our local, national and international communities.

The OTT is responsible for:

  • Evaluating Innovation Disclosure Forms and working with applicable personnel to determine commercial potential and the most appropriate mechanism, if any, for protecting each Innovation.
  • Working with Applicable Personnel and internal stakeholders to identify and engage potential commercial partners for their Innovations.
  • The negotiation and execution of agreements pertaining to the development and commercialization of Innovations, including:
    • Exclusive and/or Non-exclusive licenses
    • Assignments
    • Outbound Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) 
    • Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDA)
  • The receipt and distribution of proceeds/revenues received from the commercialization of Innovations pursuant to IP Policy.