Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)

MTAs are used for incoming and outgoing materials.  These agreements describe the terms of how our researchers and external parties may share materials. These terms include respective publication rights, confidentiality requirements, liability and material management, limits of use, ownership of future inventions, and dispute resolution. Typically, these agreements are utilized for research or evaluation purposes.   

OTT handles all outbound (UM sending the material) MTAs.   All inbound (UM receiving materials) MTAs are processed through the Office of Research Administration (ORA). 

For data transfer agreements, please review: and contact the proper office.   

Outbound Material Trasnfer:

Please have the following information on hand to complete your request for an outbound material(s) transfer: 

  • UM Principal Investigator (Provider) 
  • Name and address of Recipient and Recipient’s Organization
  • Type(s) of material(s) that will be shared
  • Purpose of material transfer i.e., why are you sending these materials 
  • For human transfer samples, an approved IRB protocol is necessary. Please have the IRB approved study/reference number readily available.  

Incomplete submissions will not be evaluated until all information is provided. This may cause delays in the execution of the MTA and thus, the sharing of the materials. 

Typical agreement turnaround time is 10 weeks. However, increased turnaround times may occur due to delayed response and/or signature from the Recipient Organization. Please indicate in your submission if you need an expediated turnaround time with a target date for agreement completion. 

How to Submit a MTA Request

  • Click
  • Use Single-sign on credentials.
  • Select “Online MTA” from the upper-right hand side menu labelled “Tasks”.
  • Complete the form and submit.

Since OTT receives multiple MTA requests a day, all outbound MTA requests are addressed in the order they are received. 

If you have any questions regarding your MTA submission, please contact 

Inbound Material Transfer:

All inbound MTAs are processed through the Office of Research Administration (ORA). To initiate the inbound MTA process, please click the link below, select “Agreements (UM not receiving Funds)” and then click “Inbound Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)”.

Click Here for Inbound Materials