Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)

Outbound Materials:

To initiate an MTA, please complete the following questionnaire and submit a completed version via email to ( ).

Click Here for Outbound MTA Survey

NOTE: Agreement turnaround time at most major universities is from 2-4 weeks. The University of Miami Office of Technology Transfer (“OTT”) will endeavor to complete agreements in the most expedient manner possible. Often, our office is waiting for a reply and/or signature from the Recipient Organization.

Additionally, please understand that our office receives multiple requests a day and they are addressed in the order they are received.

Inbound Materials:

All inbound MTAs are processed through the Office of Research Administration (ORA). To initiate the inbound MTA process, please click the link below, select “Agreements (UM not receiving Funds)” and then click “Inbound Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)”.

Click Here for Inbound Materials